1A momin is suffering from high fever on every Thursday and Friday from last 10years, so any supplication or solution for it?download-disicon-7
2As I understand the Islamic Day starts after sunset. Is it in order for Duas specified to be recited on a certain day be recited before morning of that day?download-disicon-7
3Can you please suggest me some Du’as which could help me from sexual desires?download-disicon-7
4Can you tell us of a solution to keep us safe from evil eyes and harm?download-disicon-7
5How long should one ask almighty Allah for something important?download-disicon-7
6I can’t remember things, what is a way to sharpen my memory?download-disicon-7
7I have a very weak memory and I would like to know if there is any dua or supplication for strengthening
8I heard that Du’a e Mashlool is to be recited only on Thursdays... Is this true.... because I recite it every day....Please advice what is the ruling?download-disicon-7
9I want to see Ahlebait (a.s) in my dream, what is the Du’a or act to see Ahlebait (a.s) in my dreams?download-disicon-7
10I wanted to know a Du’a for the Sajdah that comes across during reading The Holy Qur’
11Imam HasanAskari said that a devotee has 5 identities. Ziyarat e arbayeen is one of them. Should this be read only 20th of safer or daily by a believer?download-disicon-7
12Is asking a dead person to pray considered as worshiping him?download-disicon-7
13Is asking other than God for intercession considered as turning to other than God and is it against Unity?download-disicon-7
14Is Dua Ganjul arsh allowed to be recited by a Shia? Is it an authentic Dua?download-disicon-7
15Is Dua tawassul more effective if recited after Morning Prayer?download-disicon-7