1A mother asks her child to do something while at the same time the father orders it not to be done, what should the child do in such situations?download-disicon-7
2Children fear war how can we reassure them and make them feel safe?download-disicon-7
3How can I make my children love reading so that books and knowledge can be an important part of their interests in life?download-disicon-7
4How can I sow the love of religion in my children so that they will adhere to it up to the last moment of their lives?download-disicon-7
5How should we educate our child and feed him with religious teachings, moral values, social principles, and historical lessons? Could you suggest a practical and successful method?download-disicon-7
6I am a young man and I suffer from being insolent with my parents, although I do not mean to act in such a manner. Please tell me what I should do in order to improve my behavior with them?download-disicon-7
7I am afraid of the unknown and worried about the future. I feel inward turmoil and psychological instability. Can I find a remedy in religion before my marital life comes to an end?download-disicon-7
8I have four children. I am retired and I cannot tolerate seeing their mistakes. Would you please advise me as to how to deal with them when they make mistakes?download-disicon-7
9I would like to build my family on sound bases according to Islamic teachings. What is the guiding principle to achieve this goal?download-disicon-7
10I would like to know the motives for my child’s acting nervous and violent. He rebels against my advices and does the opposite of what I ask him to
11If a child gets mad and raises his\her voice at the parents but does not mean what he\she said because they lost their temper, what should their punishment be?download-disicon-7
12If a father hurts his son with harsh words, how should the son treat his father?download-disicon-7
13My child has grown accustomed to lying. He fabricates news as if they are true. Would you please give me a solution to save him from this vice?download-disicon-7
14My daughter chews on her nails and she is often absent-minded. What are the causes of this and what is the solution?download-disicon-7
15My father is always angry with us at home, but he is very good with others elsewhere. How do you explain this duality?download-disicon-7