About us

In the Name of God
We have the honour to respect you sincere explorers of ShiaSearch.com. We are very proud of being your hosts and at your service via this communication net, which is exclusively concerned with the immaculate Twelve-Imam-Shiism. According to the standard rules, in this network too, all the loaded data about Shiism, has been classified and titled so as to be used easily. Shiasearch is an absolutely reliable source of guidance, which caters the explorers to the most authentic data they are looking for. Shiasearch offers the shia contents in Two ways:
1- Shia sites directory which are offered according to alphabetic, languages, subjects & countries and and in six languages (english, arabic, persian, urdu, Hindi and french )
2- Shia links directory in which there are wide & various shia contents that are provided in topics such as: the holy Quran, prophet & ahl al-bayt (a.s.), traditions, creeds, ethics, jurisprudence, prayer & ziyarat, services, religious figures, Islamic sects, women, youth, children…
The main purposes of this net are:
1. To introduce the other Shiism networks and to forward them to get the data therein
2. To arrange and classify all the inputs and facilitate them for easy reach
3. Assisting the Non-Shias in order that they may not get imperfect information
4. By introducing all the data operated in different networks about Shiism, ours will prove comprehensive among them all -- it prevents an explorer from wasting his time and energy making parallel research. Thanks for exploring this network. All suggestions are welcomed.
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